Back to Bougainville

I am very excited to finally be heading back to the Autonomous Region of Bougainville.

I have a busy trip booked that will see me meeting a Minister from the Autonomous Bougainville Government, several farmers from the Central Bougainville region and many friends that I have made from my previous trips there. I have been chipping away at this project for three years now and I feel as though I am only just starting to gain an understanding of the place and people who make up this Pacific island nation.

I have never travelled to a more diverse place – there are so many languages, so much history and so many political views in such a compact, geographically diverse island. 

This trip I am aiming to find more ways to give back to the people in exchange for their stories of life during this period of autonomy. I am planning on taking the junior-school photos at Panguna (again) and have packed a lot of instant polaroid film for the people I meet and photograph during my visit. I will also be taking a drone with me for the first time to video the villages and landscapes to help me in painting a better picture of life in Bougainville. I plan to use this footage to gain support for funding this project a little further down the track... a project within a project.

Wish me luck on all fronts! 

about Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk is an English, ex-Japan based corporate lawyer, who is now a full-time street / documentary photographer, based in Istanbul, Turkey. He is working obsessively on a book, and he shoots with film, on a Leica, predominantly in 28mm, in both black and white and colour. He loves grain, flash, pretty women, "fat kids", "dwarfs", people kissing, cigarettes and beer. He is a great guy and a harsh critic.

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about Robert Frank

Robert Frank's work 'The Americans' was deemed too controversial at the time he had completed it. He had essentially created a raw snapshot of America, warts and all, that no one had ever successfully done before and this resulted in a die hard following by many influential artists at the time including Jack Kerouac, the Rolling Stones and Allen Ginsberg.

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about Alex Webb

Having met Alex and his wife Rebecca in Poland I can say that I really admire his humility, gentle approach and persistence to capturing difficult images. He is very down to earth, incredibly approachable and I think that is what allows him to sometimes become invisible to his subjects. Alex has achieved a mastery of colour photography and is easily one of my top five favourite photographers of all time.

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about Trent Parke

Trent Parke is the next photographer I thought I should post about as he is an Australian who produces consistently inspiring, unique and well thought out work. And because I'm a massive fan of his work. My Queensland friends should definitely have a look and a laugh at the familiar scenes of his 'AUSTRALIA. GOLD COAST. 2006' series.

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